About the department

The Department of Culture and Tourism Management was established in 1999. The accredited study programme in Culture and Tourism Management has been realized since the academic year 1997/1998. Studying at the Department of Culture and Tourism Management will prepare you to become experts – managers in tourism and culture. You will get a comprehensive overview of the issues of tourism and culture in Slovakia and abroad. It will provide you with the opportunity to apply for a job in state institutions as well as local and regional government organizations. You will be professionally qualified for managerial positions in cultural institutions – museums and galleries, in scientific research workplaces, in education, and in marketing, advertising, and destination agencies.

Education is not preparation for life. Education is life itself.

— John Dewey

You will also be able to work as a manager in tourism – in the hotel industry, gastronomy, spa tourism, travel agencies, tour operator companies, transport companies, or tourism associations. You will be professionally prepared to work in the regional development sector, in regional development agencies, and in project-oriented companies. Many will be able to find a job in the diplomatic service or use their language skills. Many will be able to use their knowledge of the Chinese language and culture, which will allow them to gain a unique competitive advantage, especially in companies and institutions focused on Chinese clients. You will also get the prerequisites for the creation and implementation of projects and strategic documents. The completed study will create a professional background for your business activities in these sectors.

Current studying offers